We’re excited about our plans for CB21. There’s a lot of work ahead to realise our vision and we want you to be alongside us as we create our first “follow-the-sun” eConference.

The date is set: 18-19 September, 2021. 

Find out the latest information about CB21 here.

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Our vision – Our challenge

Broaden the learning opportunities

Encourage interactive and engaging experiences

Improve access for participants around the world

Nurture vital conversations

Memorable and fun times

Performances, plenaries, and breakout sessions easily accessible on-demand

Interactive exhibition features

Build research-practice collaborations

Content delivered in digestible segments

Facilitate international networking

Plentiful opportunities for sponsorship exposure

Our aim

A 24/7 follow-the-sun fully-online agenda that kicks off at the international date line and circles the globe twice without you needing to miss your sleep or the great experiences and learning available.

Get ready

Please put the date in your diary now.

Submit your email below and get the latest CB21 updates delivered direct to your email inbox

Start planning how you want to engage with this great opportunity.

We are looking forward to meeting you.

(Members of the CB21 Organising Committee)

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