Lapidus International has members from around the world: Australia, Canada, Israel, Spain, The Netherlands, United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales) to name a few locations.

We want as many members and interested people as possible to have the opportunity to participate in the conference.


We’ve been busy working out the possibilities of presentations and activities across different timelines with the help of the very useful World Clock Meeting Planner.

As there is no one time when we will all be awake, we will ‘follow-the-sun’ around the world enabling participants to join the conference as they wake up and leave at bedtime in their own time zone.

This will require some careful timing so that each time zone gets access to great sessions, and participant don’t miss out because they need to go to bed.

One advantage is you won’t need to choose between great sessions and miss out on others as often happens at conferences. We have all scrutinised conference schedules wishing we could get to at least two of the sessions running concurrently. With the Conference and ‘follow-the-sun’ model, you will be able to access recordings of the sessions you have missed out on. These recordings will be available free for participants. Access for non-delegates will be available for purchase later.

An eConference

In 2021, we can’t meet together face-to-face, so Lapidus is reliant on electronic means to support the conference delivery, hence, an electronic conference (eConference).

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page for tips to maximise your connection so you have good access.

Not just ‘talking heads’

In later updates, we will consider the possibilities for different session formats to enable presentations, interaction, performance, fun, and networking that the ‘follow-the-sun’ eConference model allows us.

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