Below are a list of hotels available in Bristol and close to Engineers House that you might want to consider staying at for the conference.

The Washington

Address: St Paul’s Road, Clifton BS8 1LX

Telephone: 0117 973 3980


Approx. 15 mins walk from Engineers’ House

Price: £52 single non-ensuite, £72 single with bathroom

The Regency

Address: St Pauls Road, BS8 1LR

Telephone: 0117 9238788 


Approx. 10 mins walk from Engineers’ House

Price: £85 single, £105 double

The Rodney Hotel

Address: Clifton, BS8 1LX

Telephone: 0117 9735422


Approx. 5 mins walk from Engineers’ House

Price: £118, single.


Other Options

Airbnb: People offer rooms and their homes to use as overnight accommodation for a small fee.

Visit Bristol: The Visit Bristol website has a detailed, up to date list of available accommodation in Bristol including hotels, B&Bs, youth hostels and campsites.