Call for Papers

Creative Bridges: Work & Research
with Words for Wellbeingboth-logos

29 & 30 July 2017 | 10.00am-5.30pm
Engineer’s House | The Promenade | Clifton Down | Bristol BS8 3NB


A collaborative and interdisciplinary conference drawing on the professional, practical and personal experience of researchers, practitioners, and participants to explore and expand the diversity of Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes (CWTP) from a range of disciplines (literature, counselling & psychotherapy, neuropsychology, medicine, emotional geography, socio-spiritual approaches), to showcase relevant research and practice, assess the current picture of the field and find inspiring and robust ways forward for CWTP research and practice.

We are looking for presentations/workshops of 80-90 minutes, from: Words for Wellbeing/CWTP Practitioners, Counsellors and Psychotherapists, Creative Writers, Psychologists, Medical Doctors and Nurses, Medical Humanities, Emotional Geography, Social Science Researchers, Teachers/Lecturers, Occupational Therapists.

Research: Relevant and recent examples of research into CWTP; employing and developing congruent research methods; how can we move CWTP research forward?

Writing with people affected by trauma: Relevant and recent examples of writing with people and communities affected by trauma; safeguards and safe practice; protecting participants and practitioners; training, testimonial from participants.

Writing in groups: Relevant and recent examples of CWTP in a diversity of groups; impact of groupwork on participants; groupwork practice; safety in numbers?

Good practice and evaluation: Examples of good practice and evaluation in CWTP; good practice in training; managing project evaluation that is both creative for participants and convincing for funders; how can we train for good practice?

Practical Notes:

  • Presenters/ facilitators will be asked to chair a session on the same day.
  • The fee (for both days) will be waived for presenters/facilitators.
  • Presenters/facilitators need to fund their own travel and accommodation.
  • Please provide, in one (.doc or .pdf) document: A title, a 50-word summary of your presentation/workshop; a 500-word description; a one page CV (including your address, email and phone number) and a 50 word biography.
  • Email proposals to:
  • Deadline: 16th January 2017, 18.00

Download a copy of the Call for Papers here.